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The very rare A. schrenckii sturgeon produce caviar cherished by many for its nutty buttery flavor, often with rich egg yolk nuances. This unique caviar is used by Michelin-starred chefs such as Alex Dilling **, Christoph Rainer **, Daniel Schimkowitsch *, Nuno Mendes *, Kazutoshi Endo *, and many more! Species: Acipenser schrenckii Roe size: 3.2-3.3mm Roe color: golden brown to golden


One of the most defining factors in achieving the complex flavor profile is our unique aging process. During aging, as fermentation takes place and proteins break down to amino-acids, caviar gradually develops complex and rich flavors.


At the end of the aging period, the membrane of caviar becomes more translucent while retaining elasticity. This unique aging process gives N25 Caviar nutty and floral tastes on the palate with the right balance of saltiness, creaminess, and sea flavors.

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